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We have presented information to the Provincial Government concerning injecting children under 19 years of age at the schools with EXPERIMENTAL COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. READ DOCUMENT

Canadian, Saskatchewan Citizens have the “Legal Right” to Refuse Vaccinations under Canadian Law:
1) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Sections 2a, 2b, 7, 8, 9 and 15 and
2) Nuremberg Code 1947 – Code #1 – Informed Consent and Right to Refuse any “medical experiment” without deceit or coercion.

Letter from Premier Moe, June 15, 2021 Response to RISK ANALYSIS  TO STOP CHILDHOOD VACCINES, June 21, 2021

Letter FROM Premier Scott Moe, Issue of VOLUNTARY VS MANDATORY VACCINATIONS, September 15, 2020

Canadian Doctors Speak Out – Protecting Our Children From Harm
The Canada Health Alliance has brought you this new video.

Many people sincerely believe that all vaccines are safe, adverse reactions are rare, and no peer-reviewed scientific studies exist showing that vaccines can cause harm. This book ― Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies ― provides the other side of the story that is not commonly told. It contains summaries of 400 important scientific papers to help parents and researchers enhance their understanding of vaccinations

This bestselling immunization handbook (new, updated 2015 edition) evaluates each vaccine for safety, efficacy, and long-term effects. It contains important, uncensored information that many doctors don’t even know. It includes significant studies, several case histories detailing vaccine-induced damage to children, and pinpoints for parents exact conditions that may put their own child at high risk. In addition, health alternatives are offered, along with legal options to mandatory shots. It contains 30 graphs and diagrams plus more than 900 footnotes and scientific references so that all of the information may be confirmed. Parents, educators, health professionals, and other concerned individuals have very few sources of information permitting them to make informed choices. But concerned parents are pleading for answers to their many questions. Doctors only tell them one side of the story; there is another side. This book helps concerned people make wise and responsible decisions. Includes information on ALL childhood shots, plus current data on HPV (cervical cancer), shingles, smallpox, and influenza vaccines. 

Alfred Russel Wallace was a British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist, biologist and illustrator. He is best known for independently conceiving the theory of evolution through natural selection; his paper on the subject was jointly published with some of Charles Darwin’s writings in 1858.